My research is about the Venezuelan Crisis and everything that is going on with Venezuela. Healthcare, storage of food, Medication, etc.

Thesis: “The Venezuelan government and Nicolas Maduro have gone to far in controlling its people by inflated prices for food/ everyday needs, denying their citizens medication, and imprisoning citizens who speak out”

Conceptualization of Your Research Topic

The process of progressing from an abstract, fuzzy research topic to a well-designed research study which can effectively address the original research topic requires a number of steps. In this assignment, please do the following to help you move your topic towards a proposed research study:

  1. 1) Create specific research questions and/or hypotheses based on your chosen research topic.
  2. 2) Discuss and justify your conceptualization for your research questions/hypotheses, and discuss and justify the conceptualization process which led to your research questions/hypotheses.
  3. 3) Specify and justify the dimensions within your conceptualization, and explain and justify the indicators of these dimensions which you will seek to measure in your research project.
  4. 4) As part of this process, please define and explain any operational definitions you will need to use to ensure maximum clarity in your study.
  5. 5) Explain how your specific research questions/hypotheses will add to our currently existing base of knowledge.
  6. This assignment is to be composed in Times New Roman font, 12-point type, with 1 inch margins. The suggested length for your completed assignment is 4-5 pages MAL format.
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