Give a brief overview of the unethical behavior that happen at Wells Fargo. (At least one paragraph)

What aspects of the Moral Disengagement model do you think were present in the Wells Fargo case? (Choose two aspects to discuss from the Moral Disengagement model) (At least one paragraph)

How might people have “morally disengaged” and acted the way they did at Wells Fargo without feeling that they were doing anything wrong? (Choose two aspects to discuss from the “Blind Spots” reading by Ann Tenbrunsel and Max Bazerman.) (At least one paragraph)

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Discuss one of the concepts presented in the article “Why it is so Hard to Train Someone to Make an Ethical Decision”. Discuss how the concept could be applied to the case of unethical behavior at Wells Fargo. (At least one paragraph).

What is the value of studying ethical business behavior as an undergraduate student? How can the application of the knowledge from readings in this assignment support your development as an ethical professional? (At least one paragraph)

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