Student Case Brief/Presentation Project

The basic purpose for briefing a case is to help you understand the particular legal issues of the

case, learn the proper universally accepted format and to refresh your memory on the significant

portions of the case later as needed.

Each student will brief a case in the requested format that deals with some aspect of the

emergency services. Each individual will present their brief in class, explaining all pertinent

facts, concluding with a discussion of how we personally can avoid such a pitfall. Your case

must have been tried in a court of law and may not be taken from those listed in the texts.

Instead, you must perform credible research regarding your case (LexisNexis database; etc.) or another acceptable law specific database … not Wikipedia, a fire

publication etc; seek librarian help if necessary. Each brief should be at least 3 pages in length

with a thorough discussion of potential policy implications as related to some aspect of the

emergency services. The written brief will be worth 50 points, with another 50 points credited

when adequately presented in class with a provided teaching outline (10 points extra credit if

you attend all sessions of students briefing). Proper formatting, grammar and spelling will count

for a significant part of your grade, so edit your work carefully. Your case brief must follow the

model described in class. Briefs must be typed double-spaced with 1″ margins. No fonts larger

than 12 point are to be used. You will be prepared to fully discuss/explain your findings in class

on the date as assigned.

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